The Promise

Truth from the 
Trenches of Adoption 

Christen and Lisa offer a variety of workshops:


Dispelling the Myths of Adopting Older Children

This workshop offers a realistic look at what it takes to raise a traumatized child, expecting both the intense challenges and miraculous growth.


Parenting Strategies for Trauma-Based Behaviour

This workshop focuses on ways parents can keep their sanity while helping their children overcome difficult pasts.


Preparing to Adopt Traumatized Children

This workshop helps parents know what to expect when they welcome children into the home, because it's not like TV! It focuses on the challenges that sometimes surprise new parents, and how to be pro-active and plan ahead for joys and challenges.


The Power of Messaging: Teaching Adopted Children How to Rewrite Their Perceptions

This workshop deals with the subtle messages we send children, both negative and positive, including those that influence how they perceive themselves, their histories, and their futures.


Our Children as Teachers: How Adoptive Parenting Makes Us Grow

This workshop covers a broad territory: from how we heal our own inner child by observing why children trigger us, to the inner strength, awareness, and joy we develop when we allow the emotional toll of dealing with a child's trauma and grief to impact us positively, rather than negatively.


Ways to Help Adopted Children Heal

This workshop covers the essentials of parenting traumatized children: dealing with rage and grief in positive ways; the healing power of animals and nature; navigating the school system; meeting the needs of children; modelling.


Key Note Address

Keeping the Promise: Expecting the Best and Managing the Reality with Post-adoption Support