The Promise

Truth from the 
Trenches of Adoption 

The Promise is a must read for aspiring foster families, those currently fostering, and the professionals involved. It acknowledges the positives and triumphs, as well as the challenges. It offers useful advice from both an adoptive parent and an experienced professional. Christen speaks from the heart, recognizing that no parent is perfect and surprises happen along the way. Lisa is her reality-based navigator, encouraging self-reflection and understanding. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter and the top ten lists at the end of the book are very fitting and helpful. The Promise is an excellent example of the importance of knowing limits, reconsidering expectations, and not viewing outcomes in a positive or negative manner or as a reflection of ones parenting abilities. An excellent resource for all persons interested in adoption; easy to read and thought provoking.

Kim Gray | BSW MSW RSW (Social Worker/Adoption Practitioner)